Wingsail Automatic control system.

The automatic "Windthruster" control system. Is now being tested
by Dellencat of Nasviken Sweden

They have fitted an experimental unit to a landsailer and  a 6 metre Nash
monohull  boat.

Photos Below

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Wingsail Framework

Auto Mechanism

Landsailer version

Auto Mechanism

Auto Mechanism

Fitted to monohull sailboat

Video of First water test

After this first test Jan-Åke Malmqvist of Dellencat commented:
"Made a perfect sail today! I don't want to sail the old way any more!
I would have liked some more wind today but it was ok for the first test.
We have some things to change, but only minor.
For the first time ever sailing I felt that the boat was following my instruction.
 And there were no big side-forces when the boat or wind was changing direction.
 It was a great day!"


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