Direct into wind sailing craft

More than 10 years ago in the early 1990s a page was published describing a wind-driven boat, little more than a toy,  that could progress directly into the wind that powered it.

There was considerable interest in this and after experimentation I was able to produce this updated version called "Windspinner".

Construction notes and comments.

The windrotor blades are made from thin balsawood, flat with no airfoil.
To seal the grain emulsion paint was used.

Of vital importance is the angle the windrotor blades are set into the hub.
It should be 45 degrees. Don't think that by making the rotor spin faster
it will be more powerful - it won't.

Photos of "Windspinner" prototype.

Large prop is suitable for light winds, smaller one is for stronger winds.

A video of this model is on Youtube click here and here

Update: April 2010

Someone suggested that to make things easier, you could used "pop" bottles for the floats.
I tried this and it works well. The bottles are pressurised to make them stronger using
car tyre valves in the tops. See Below:


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